Me, myself and I

Niko Es


 Cologne, Germany



Omnia vincit Amor

kitsch as kitsch can

Memento mori



My points of interest are always diverse, but polarizing:

exhibitions, pro bono work with different humans,

plastics, 1:1 art lessons, head pieces, paintings,

latex and leather jewelry or installations or photographic.


Art - in an hedonistic eclectic way.

i try to fix my inner,

bipolar contrasts

by producing them in

mixed media like old or new

japanese fabrics, art deco sheets of paper, tapisseries or

any recycled promotional materials.

Also I love to dress and make photos

of these different moments of myself

or arrange Installations of

well feeling panic rooms.





Venlafaxine heaven swallow - Phase bleu / Blue phase (2018)

Collage aleatoric - Mixed Media on wall paper

Acrylic  Latex colour  Crayon  Venlafaxine card  Wall paper


70x70 cm

Painting light blue
530,00 €
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